Welcome to the GearMaster Training Resource Center


This site contains pages which can be used in teaching concepts and developing skills relating to shifting gears in heavy vehicles.  It will be updated from time to time.  We encourage you to check back often for additional materials and upgrades.


Concepts of Double Clutching and the Clutch Brake - This simplified, interactive display of an engine, clutch, transmission, and drive shaft allows an instructor to show why double clutching is necessary as well as how to use (and how NOT to use) the Clutch Brake.  Click HERE to view and/or print the instructions (Highly recommended).

Drive train and transmission mechanism - A schematic view of the basic elements of a drive train and transmission.  These images are excerpted from www.howstuffworks.com/transmission3.htm which you may wish to visit for a better and much more detailed description of the how the drive train and transmission operate.  

Interactive GearMaster - Shows the face of a GearMaster with the dash tachometer and speedometer.  You control the RPM, MPH and gear numbers using the mouse or keypad. This is a good resource for introducing the GearMaster and showing relationships between RPM, MPH and the various gears of a ten-speed transmission.

"On the Road" - This is a virtual view of the dashboard (including tachometer, speedometer, and GearMaster) and the road.  You control the throttle and gear shifts as the truck moves down the road. Good for teaching the concepts of synchronization.  This can be used as a classroom teaching tool or students can use it on their own.

Animated GearMaster Display - Shows the GearMaster display going through the gears including engine start and engine shutdown.  You can control the speed and direction (upshifting vs downshifting) of the demonstration and can pause or resume the drive at any time for analysis or discussion..  (Note:  This is the same display as the animation available from the first page of our website.)

Don't mess with little old ladies in Texas - Here's a really funny audio file you may wish to use before or after a break or to lighten up a class.  The moral of the story is, if your students ever get into an accident, they should be sure to treat the other drivers and passengers with courtesy and respect....